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The Suffering of God

ToTM049 -- 1986

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This talk, given in 1972 to a group of close students, covers two subject areas. The first is a discussion of psychometry--specifically, the unlocking and reading of intentionally encoded work messages within various objects known as emitting artifacts. The purpose for encoding messages and the choice of objects to receive the recording are discussed, as are Gurdjieff's and Bennett's experiences with such work recordings. The talk then turns to debunking fantasies about the Work and hopes for personal evolution. Mr. Gold explains that nothing we can do on our own will result in any evolutionary gain whatsoever and that all powers one might attain in this life are insignificant, useless and meaningless beyond the scope of merely enhancing one's everyday primate life. He describes his mission on Earth warning that if we are not willing to sacrifice forever our chance for union with the Absolute in order to help the Absolute from this side of the veil, then we must run from the school, because that is the only goal of his mission.