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Digital Archive Talks

by E.J. Gold

IDHHB Archive Talks have been digitized for download

We are happy to report that many of the IDHHB Archive Talks Tapes/Cds have been converted to mp3 for direct digital download. This removes the wait time for POD production, and is much friendlier for international shipping and customs.

These invocational talks are direct transmissions from a School that reaches across time and space, life and death.

You are invited to participate in them as a listener within the private intimacy of the group. It's the next best thing to having been there.

Hear what you've missed

Hear what you've missed when E.J. Gold got together with Claudio Naranjo, A.H. Almaas, Lee Lozowick, Robert Anton Wilson, Andrew Cohen, Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, John Lilly, Murray Yagan, Reshad Feild, David Atkinson, Marilyn Gossen, Stan Howard, Patricia Elizabeth, Flying Karamazov Brothers, Amanda Foulger, Mary Houston, John Reynolds, Eve Ilsen, Armando Molina, Toni Lilly, Heather Valencia, Glenn Perry, Lee Perry, Martin Silverwolf, Dru Kristel, Dr. Abe Levitsky, Larry Roberts, Fritz Perls, core group and others.

Archive Talks are authentic work chamber talks of E.J. Gold recorded over the years under diverse and frequently not ideal recording conditions on location where the talks were given or radio interviews happened. Your Archive Talk may have sounds of a restaurant, city traffic or clinking of dishes at an invocational dinner, and many talks have questions and comments from students or audience members.

These Archive Talks were originally available only on cassette. Then we digitally remasted the talked and issued them on CD (Available Here). Now these talks have been converted to mp3 for easy immediate download.


The Body Kesdjan (First Talk)

This talk describes the completion and activation of the Body Kesdjan or Astral Body using the first two Tantric levels, the development of Will through the intentional exposure of weaknesses, and the first two fundamental rules of a School.


The Body Kesdjan (Second Talk)

This talk explores the mechanics for the extraction of first, second and third Being food and presents a wide range of invaluable work data relating to formation of the Body Kesdjan.


The Voice of Conscience

A talk on octaves, candidacy for the Work and the voice of conscience. Introduces the idea of "making everything quiet inside" as a condition for Work.


The Physical Body/The Pump

Side 1: A talk on the symbolism of the Tarot as it relates to the science of types and the assimilation of impressions.

Side 2: Reversing the flow of substances so they pass through man from the outer world to the inner world is the subject of this informal talk to an intimate group.


Talk on Soul

A talk on the acquisition and accumulation of substances needed for the formation of a vessel for the soul and the exact organic foods beneficial to this accumulation.


Mastering from Above

What is the objective purpose of human life? Becoming subject to higher laws and the sacrifice of Eternal Peace. This talk also explores the question, "Does God really suffer?" This talk has just been recently re-mastered to save this aging recording and also to restore and improve in a high fidelity professional recording studio the sound quality available for the serious student.


Center of Gravity Question

The method and use of Real Work Questions is presented in this very fundamental talk that is a blessing for newcomers.



This talk examines the possibility of living a three-centered life, economizing the use of centers, accelerating the flow of impressions and intensifying our attention.



This discourse provides precise definitions of laws and of the active and passive principles. Will be particularly appreciated by those familiar with the concept of the laws and their process of derivation and reflection.


Obligation and Slavery

Ordinary man, by trying to escape his own minimum obligation of personal suffering, increases his pain and suffering. Expansion beyond one's personal suffering is examined in this talk.


The Suffering of God

Psychometry, teachings intentionally recorded in artifacts, the nature of The Work, and the Unspeakable Sacrifice are explored.


Laws of the Work

A discussion of the objective purpose of human beings, the impossibility of attaining completion by mastery from below and the function of cosmic maintainers within the Work.


Early Autobiography

The stories from E.J. Gold are of the early years of pilgrimages and attempts at unlocking certain ancient artifacts containing work data.


Psychic Healing (First Night)

A public workshop led by Rob Newmarch which centers around a reading from Secret Talks IX and the ideas of voluntary and involuntary postures, impartiality, moving center and the machine, and the idea of resisting nature.


Psychic Healing (Second Night)

This talk on the conditions for the invocation of healing entities explores the effects of metal and electricity on a healing space, the major causes of illness and organic toxicity, the use of sound and certain scents and oils in the healing space, and the feeding habits of Chief Features.


Chief Feature and Children

Man as he stands in nature is food for his Chief Feature entity which originates many of his activities, states and attitudes. This powerful talk explores the invocation and banishing of Chief Feature.


Objective Theater

This talk examines the function of man on the planet, his involuntary or voluntary feeding of lunar or solar entities, the invocation of entities by actors on stage, and the play as a form of invocation.


Children's Workshop

This talk examines the invocation of Lunar and Solar entities during childhood and its significance for child rearing, the importance of impartiality, the ingestion and absorption of the teacher, and the survival of data in work cell colonies through protein chains.


Objective Prayer

A discussion of the banishing of Chief Feature, our periodic "moments of freedom" from its influence, and the technique of initiating action during these moments of freedom.


Ancient Mysteries of the Resurrection

This workshop presentation explores the concepts of resurrection and reincarnation, as well as the invocation of Work forces and the recording of work-data in certain ancient artifacts.


Inaccessible Monasteries

This public talk describes how we are subject to the conditioning of the organic machine and how we can be either free or spontaneous.


Grace and Baraka

An open discussion with E.J. Gold, Murray Yagan and Fourth Way students on the difference between Baraka and Grace, and the significance of these forces in human life.


Theater Absolute

This discussion of ancient theater and the power of manifestations includes a powerful exercise for working with attention and the source of attention.


Healing with the Hands (Introduction)

This introductory lecture explores topics such as pain and sensation, time and the sensing of personal death, aging and increased human life span, belief structures which inhibit the healing process, and the principle of resonance and electrical receptivity of the body.


Healing with the Hands (Workshop Talk)

A discussion of the electrical fields of the body in connection with attenuation and bio-stasis, muscular triggers for alternative states of reality, associated brain-wave alternations and techniques for organically self-conditioning one's own after-life.


Healing with the Mind (Workshop Talk)

A discussion of stilling the body through nonattachment, voltages of bioelectrical currents within the body, higher frequencies of perceptions, cycles of sensation, connecting the chakras, "hooding the cobra," and mastery of attention, visualization and observation.


Healing with the Head

In a question and answer format, this talk covers topics such as symptoms of concern, changing habits in the musculature of the body and associated neurological responses, centers and their associated sensation, and the necessity for responsibility.


Alchemical Sex (Introductory Talk)

An exploration of various effects of the sexual experience, breath alterations and skin conductance in relation to sweating and muscle control, ideas of creation in Tantra and the early development of habits.


Alchemical Sex (Workshop Talk)

In a question and answer format, many topics are explored including alchemy, creative visualization, blending into one form with a partner, food and digestion, your partner as the yantra, and the merging of bioelectrical fields.


Alchemical Sex (Third Talk)

A discussion on centers and stress functioning levels, the accumulation and use of sexual substances for spiritual evolution, and Taoist tantric rituals.


In Search of the Ordinary

This talk includes a discussion of the Five-Fold Mastery (mind, breath, emotions, appetite and sex), working with the natural flow and tempo of life, the transformation of ordinary experience into evolutionary work, and the role of Avatars and Tulkus.


Conscious Birth, Sex and Death

In this talk, E.J. Gold examines the question "sensation + fear = pain." If one were to remove fear, the equation would balance in a new way. This talk also includes a discussion of the Sacrifice of Infinity.


Reincarnation Awareness

Topics covered in this talk include being in the organic machine, the biological body and its use for transformation, escape from the cycles of birth and death, periods of blackout, essence and psyche, and the dangers of being a "space-junkie".



Your partner as the Guide, the Cosmic Computer, soulmates and essence friendships, the Here and Now, the trap of enlightenment and removing the veils.


Conscious Childbirth


Public Talk with E.J. Gold, Reshad Feild....

An intimate discussion of the broader aspects of the Sufi path. This talk is a practical demonstration of "opening the door," exposing the secret of reincarnation.


Gorilla My Dreams

A public talk, beginning with a lighthearted television interview. The subject of transformation is explored here.


The Making of the American Book of the Dead

This talk on the American Book of the Dead covers such topics as the difference between psyche and essence, the development of the essence and how it takes rebirth, the mechanism and breakdown of the psyche, death as a form of stress, the corridor of madness, transit tracking, recurrence and the Bardo Thodol.


New Age Center Talk

A talk on Science Fiction Writing, space changes, animating the story with attention, the seed of death contained in life, spiritual work and life-sized Bunraku puppetry.


Esoteric Alchemy

Workshop with Rob and Shelley Newmarch and E.J. Gold. This startling presentation of techniques for transforming the human chemical factory into an "alchemical laboratory" includes presentation of the concept of the Adamic Body.


Saturday Morning Talk

E.J. Gold. The mechanics of Alchemy are explored with an emphasis on accumulated understanding as a basis for the assimilation of Work data.


Terminal Midwifery: The Gentle Art of Dying

David Atkinson and Marilyn Gossen. Terminal Midwifery is an approach for preparing terminal patients for death through the use of trained "Terminal Midwives." In this panel discussion, David and Marilyn explain the function of terminal midwifery within the community.


How the Teacher Works

In this talk, Lee stresses the practical reality of the Work in terms of Self-remembering and Self-forgetting and includes several anecdotes from Lee's past experiences in the Work.


Objective Art

Lee Lozowick, Menlo Macfarlane, Zoe Alowan and E.J. Gold. This free-wheeling panel discussion on Objective Art includes several definitions and examples of Objective Art and its significances in the transmission of Work ideas.


Moments of Freedom

David Atkinson, Marilyn Gossen and Stan Howard in this workshop present important information about Chief Feature and its spontaneous periodic banishing during "moments of freedom." The art of "waiting not impatiently" is described and illustrated with examples, and a powerful exercise for working with moments of freedom is presented.


Objective Prayer Workshop

Jerry Berman explains the ritual and practice of Objective Prayer, including techniques for recognizing and acting within "moments of freedom." Includes the presentation of an important sensing exercise from the Japanese School of Sumi-e Painting.


Transformational Massage/Conscious Sleep

Side I, II, III: Meg McDonnell and Pat McKenty discuss in this workshop presentation the use of Transformational Massage treatment to expose the body to a mild organic shock. In the resulting state of imbalance, the individual has a greater ability to sense the habits and postures locked in the body's musculature and greater freedom to crystallize new habits.

Side IV: Mike McDonnell in this workshop talk explains how to regain the habit of remaining conscious throughout our nightly sleeping periods. Includes techniques for pacifying the physical body, and allowing the astral body to become active.

These are bardo training techniques.


Contamination of Work Cell Colonies

Rob and Shelley Newmarch. This workshop talk stresses the necessity of organic purification for promoting the growth of "Work Cell Colonies" within the organic machine.


Fourth Way Awards Banquet/Toast of the Idiots

Awards and idiot toasts at the Granlbakken 4th Way Convention. Features E.J. Gold and Lee Lozowick, Clifford and the Wizard, work data, music and comedy. Menlo Macfarlane serves as an offbeat Master of Ceremonies. The reading explains invoking work entities through posture and movement, and what to feed a solar entity.


Secret Esoteric Teaching Within Star Wars

E.J. Gold and Robert Anton Wilson take a wonderful and playful look at the major symbolic metaphors of this contemporary archetypal story. Tongue-in-cheek but totally artful and impeccably outrageous!


The Eight Selves Within Us

Robert Anton Wilson gives an introduction to his popular workshop on the eight circuits of the evolving human nervous system.


Secrets of the Illuminati

Features Robert Anton Wilson and E.J. Gold revealing many occult secrets of the oldest and most widespread conspiracy on the planet.


The Black Sheep Evening

This is an introduction to the Black Sheep material. Excellent for the novice.


Objective Art II

Panel discussion with Robert Anton Wilson, Claudio Naranjo, E.J. Gold and the Flying Karamazov Brothers. The difference between subjective and objective art is explored by each of the panel members. They explain how being temporarily free from the work hypnosis can provide a Moment of Freedom in which objective art can be created.


Poetry Reading

Claudio Naranjo. Stories and poetry composed and read by Claudio give the listener intuitive perceptions into the evolution of human spirituality.


What Do You Know For Sure?

Questions are answered by Robert Anton Wilson and E.J. Gold. The focus of this talk is a powerful meditation utilizing the question "What do you know for sure?"


Work Aptitude

Lee Lozowick, during the September 1981 Convention, the "Conference of the Birds," gives an informative talk on perspectives of Work aptitude and attitude as well as stages of growth and change within the Work.


Transit Talk - First Talk

A talk to new students about teaching methods, being asleep and awakening from the dream, and why many people cannot come to a school. The second cassette, Transit - Third Stage, is a precise descriptive talk on the first, second - and especially the third - stages of transit, including some unique perspectives on rebirth.


Transit Talk - Second Talk

Movement from one world to another, closing the door to the womb, the Gurus, Grace, and reception of Baraka.



This talk explores the body which operates during the transit experience (the Body of Habits), how it guides itself through transit to rebirth by habits mechanically accumulated through biological and psychological conditioning, and how special techniques can be used to consciously alter its conditioning for higher rebirth.


Man on the Cross

As any serious seeker can attest, Man on the Cross material is hard to come by. The difficult and esoteric work idea of "Die before you die" is explored within the context of voluntary reascension of the cross. Very esoteric ideas are presented here with full candor. This talk is pan-religious and erases all barriers between oneself and one's cosmic position.


Higher Bodies

The development of higher being bodies as vehicles of consciousness is discussed; the functions, conditions and activities of work communities are explored. Other topics include attention, obligation, laws of the work, organic man as a weed and self-cultivated man.


To Be Present With Attention

Samuel Avital is present for this vital discourse with E.J. wherein one student is put on "Lookout" for the Messiah and another is taken on a journey up "Shit Creek" to try and retrieve her life mantram.


Oedipus Reconsidered

Claudio Naranjo takes a different perspective on this character type. Includes comment by Dr. Abe Levitsky.


The Enneagram of Patriarchal Society

Dr. Naranjo presents an innovative view of social pathologies by applying the enneatypes to aspects of culture, institutions, and nations. An expanded understanding of the enneagram marks this broad based talk and further confirms the fertility of the enneagram model. Lots of food for thought.


Enneatypes in Homeopathy

Dr. Claudio Naranjo, a notable author in the field of psychology and voice in human potential movement, has conducted extensive psychopharmacological and personality research. An associate of Fritz Perls at Esalen Institute in the 1960's, he examines the Enneatypes and how this system may influence and relate to healing and the science of homeopathy.


Enneagram of Society

In a rare West Coast appearance, June 2002 in Nevada City, CA, Dr. Claudio Naranjo joins E.J. Gold for a free-wheeling discussion of education and its institutions, possibilities for transforming individuals and society, and new book projects of both authors.


Why Am I Doing This?

During a surprise appearance at the Feb. 2003 workshop E.J. Gold addresses the question "What does art and video gaming have to do with the Work?" Gold explicitly innumerates skills acquired by penetrating these 2 areas and how this process relates to conditions of work. He reveals the traps / illusions one can get lost in while following both of these paths. Furthermore, he explains what real penetration requires and how that relates to the Work.