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The School of Reductionism Part II

ToTM056 -- 1988

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As the focus of the school moves toward the production, marketing and teaching of art, Mr. Gold outlines and defines the premise and goals fo the budding school of art--dubbed 'The School of Reductionism'--during a large gathering of the community. This new school of art, like any new artistic movement, will eventually need defending from critics and public alike, and thus must stand upon sound artistic aims and concepts. In this talk Mr. Gold conveys that the intention behind this new school is to create abstract iconographic works that delight the being, hopefully propelling the machine into the waking state. This awakening quality is based on the fact that the being loves the abstract while the machine loves the recognizable and figurative. Moving at a rapid pace, Mr. Gold touches on many of the why's and wherefore's of the art world and we are given a whirlwind art education.