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A Vision of Science

ToTM066 -- 1988

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When three theoretical scientists get together--what do they talk about? Things that aren't there, of course! This talk begins as a technical discussion of the brain's inability to handle the vast onslaught of information coming to it from the raw universe and how we reject a certain portion of the information that manages to reach the brain according to our culturally conditioned perceptual habits. The discussion continues through an examination of the attitudes of the scientific community during the past two thousand years; how almost all of the major contributions to our scientific understanding of the world were made in the face of outright resistance from the popular scientific beliefs of the day. Also discussed is why Newtonian physics are irrelevant from a higher dimensional point of view, how the human biological machine is an analogous instrument to and served as a model for the creation of our present computers, and how we can successfully struggle with the powerful drowning force of ordinary primate life in the quest for a meaningful life.