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Transformation and the Human Potential Movement

ToTM085 -- 1989

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Edited transcript of a workshop given by E. J. Gold and Claudio Naranjo in Berkeley, California, April 11, 1987, sponsored by the Melia Foundation. Claudio invited E. J. to join him for a presentation in which one would take a pro and the other a con position on the much-touted human potential movement. E. J. accepted the invitation from his old and respected friend (guess who took pro, who con). The workshop took place on a crisp spring day in Berkeley at a slightly-seedy, wood-frame Berkeley church. The audience was small, due to minimal publicity and other reasons, but enthusiastic for the topic. The discussion quickly heated up to a friendly but emphatic controversy, punctuated by anecdotes and jokes. The talk in ToTM includes instructions for exercises demonstrated at the workshop, including a clear set of instructions for the very potent "I am Here" practice which has been tested extensively by Mr. Gold and released for use by any circle of people.