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The Bullet-Proof King: Approaches to Immortality -- Part 2

ToTM087 -- 1990

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This classic talk dates from 1982 at the Institute's Meadow Vista facility, before ToTM came into being. E. J. Gold presents a wealth of data on the ancient customs surrounding the divinity of the Egyptian pharaohs and other kings. Burial customs, use of incense and oils, women's and men's roles, the Egyptian priesthood. Gurdjieff's origins and background, and so on. Other participants with travel experience and varied backgrounds, including Baruch Bar Meir, Jerry Berman and Menlo Macfarlane, provide insights on Arab and other cultures. Mr. Gold give a capsule version of some of the key ideas regarding the Man on the Cross in relation to the Absolute, and he sorts out very clearly the real uses of immortality and life extension in relation to the Work.