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The Orchid Which Blooms only when the Moon is Full

ToTM089 -- 1990

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In this poetic talk, E. J. Gold begins with a commentary on Death as a guide, as distinguished from the doctors "who so plagued the incomparable Baron von Munchausen during his long career, which is delightfully portrayed in the movie, The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen. He goes on to talk of voluntary awakening and posts in the Work like that of Man on the Cross. Mr. Gold concentrates on attention habits that confine us to the human sector, and in contrast, conditions that nurture the essence and self-initiation. "Mutate with the flux. " He uses the art of bonsai as an analog to the human, ending with a description of a rare and beautiful orchid that blooms in lunar, rather than solar, radiations. He designates finding such an orchid in a macrodimensional chamber and nurturing it as a task vital to the functioning of the school.