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My Life as a Plant

ToTM090 -- 1990

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This talk presents the correspondences between our work and the care and cultivation of plants. It is Claire's birthday, and she sits at the table despite the pain of terminal cancer. Mr. Gold has her select a bonsai tree as a birthday gift, and he goes over preparation for dying with her, handling several unfinished items of business with her. He discourses on the Three Great Laws (as cosmic gag writers), matter and energy, the Garden in Taoist and Zen traditions, plasma and plasma states, especially "going plasma" versus "masturbating" as a use for sex. In a rare moment, E. J. reviews in capsule the work of students sitting at the table. However, the highlight of this rich and varied evening is E. J. 's unforgettable demonstration with the group of what the Clear Light is, in answer to Claire's birthday question.