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Voyaging Through Sound and Music

ToTM092 -- 1990

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This talk is the "keynote address" for the Union Label recording studio. At the IDHHB Convention, September 1, 1990, at the Sacramento Inn, E. J. Gold arrived after several days of recording with visiting musicians. With Jimmi Accardi's help, he fills in the rich background of his own musical career, describes the difference between his music and the mainstream, specifies the voyaging exercise that can be done with the music. E. J. goes on to answer a visiting student's question regarding the waking state with a clear formulation of how "the job produces the consciousness, not the consciousness the job. " In this talk, jazz and transformational sound are strongly distinguished from the stylish and commercially-tailored products. The talk is filled with anecdotes of Herbie Hancock, Cecil Taylor and other jazzmen, Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline, Miriam Makeba, the Laughing Dogs, Zaphod and the New Harmonics--plus recording studio stories and comments elicited from the group.