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Pir Al-Washi's Bardo Preview

ToTM095 -- 1990

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Previously unpublished archival talk, a lecture given at the L. A. East-West Center in 1975. Pir Al-Washi (aka E. J. Gold) speaks at length about intensive training being offered as a 30-day hermitage. He also describes some of what Reschad Feild--who due to illness sent a printed piece to be read this evening--is offering as well. Pir Al-Washi describes the conditions for this training and its purposes, going beyond the human experiences, going from emotions to feeling, sensation to sensing, from mind to knowing. A question and answer segment with the audience is transcribed, and a special treat is the introductory story in which Pir tells how he received his Arabic name, how he found one "man of knowledge" in New York City and how he learned from him--all by way of expressing the continuity of the ancient schools, right into the present moment.