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Taking the First Step -- Part 1

ToTM096 -- 1990

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This archival talk was recorded in 1975 at the Buddhist Meditation Center in Los Angeles, introduced by teacher Thich Thien-An. Pir Al-Washi (aka E. J. Gold) speaks of the shift of knowledge to the West, preparation for dying, "transit" states between lives, the ultimate unity of teachings and schools, the no-mind or non-human mind state. Pir gives good reasons for giving up or transcending the human mind and mental processes, and invites the audience to participate in training that is available. This talk is an eye-opener for novices, a good reminder to any reader of why it is that we need to stop thinking and start doing something to make the lifetime worthwhile. Thien-An's comments as a Buddhist are appended, as well as three pages of the question and answer session which gives a rare view of Al-Washi / Gold responding to a public audience and their concerns.