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Infinity: The Unspeakable Sacrifice -- Part 2

ToTM099 -- 1991

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This is a talk given by E. J. Gold February 14, 1975, in Crestline, California, then headquarters of The Institute. This talk was published in the 1991 series because of the extreme importance of the information, related to the Man on the Cross material. Mr. Gold speaks candidly of choosing rebirth, of serving as a guide to others, and of "essence duty. " He goes on to reveal highly esoteric information about the "Sacrifice of Infinity" which has always been the obligation of humans. He discusses why it is done, the difficulties involved, and the decline of humanity's ability to fulfill the obligation. Mr. Gold covers esoteric views of existence and nonexistence, time and infinity, heart and mind, psychosis and mysticism. This talk answers some of the deepest questions you may have about life on earth. The bad news is, the answers are profoundly disturbing and could radically change your life. This talk is too crucial to excerpt or quote, too truthful to remain buried in archives, too candid to ever become a popularly accepted view. For the serious seeker and the already committed professional in the Work, the information is indispensible. In the ToTM catalog, this talk is unique in tone, but it is realted to The Suffering of God (#49), The Medicine Ball Talk (#88), and Betrayal and Resurrection (#40).