TOTM100 cover

Talk of the Decade

ToTM100 -- 1991

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The sensational first time of a new ToTM octave, "Talk of the Decade" consists of a series of insider interviews with IDHHB staff which E. J. Gold assigned Jimmi Accardi, a musician and sound editing professional, to do. Jimmi asks each person "What of value have you been doing for the past 10 years at the Institute?" and other set questions, with highly revealing results, laying bare the opinions and outlooks, if not the hearts and souls, of some of the Institute's renunciant staff. The original "Talk of the Decade" arrived with an original serigraphed cover which was offered in a limited edition just large enough to ensure copies for 1991 subscribers. For those ordering the 1991 back issue set, the "Talk of the Decade" is delivered with a zeroxed cover.