Get Them All

Total price for full collection: $300

About the USB Talks Collection

That's right... you can get all Archive Talks that have been digitized on one USB

  • Over 200 Archive Talks
  • Around 50 gigabyles of mp3
  • Complete collection of available digital talks

The basic idea is quite simple. For a fraction of the cost (when individually purchased) you get all the talkds we have available.

And, on a periodic basis we will update your collection.

Yes, that's right. Buy the full collection of talks available now, and we will keep your collection uptodate as more archive talks are made available.

Get Both USB Offers

Save when you get both: $500

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Good For You, and Good For Us

The value to you of having a complete library of IDHHB Archive Talks is not hard to figure out. But, what about the Good for Us?

Well, don't know if you have noticed :) but this world is getting very twitchy. It is not inconceivable that with little or no notice we could go up in smoke -- poof. We like the idea of various people around the world having these Archive Talks on usb drives in their pockets or at home in the study.

These USB thumbdrives might mean we can smuggle this information past whatever chaos may come our way.

You can be a time-traveling smuggler of transformative technology. Now, doesn't that sound fun?