An examination of the angelic character begins using the bookAngels by Peter Lamborn Wilson for comparison. E.J. Gold explores the activities and responsibilities of angels, their relationship to humans and the maintenance of Creation.

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Secrets of Angelic Healing & Invocation

This workshop explores the basic questions: What is healing?; What is an angel?; What are the conditions of angelic invocation? Angelic contact is very personal. First, you need to want to make contact. Second, you can't be afraid. Third, you need to be totally open to all possibilities. Fourth, you don't have to believe in angels; you can be skeptical but not sarcastic or cynical. Fifth, approach angelic contact without superstition. Invocation of an angel is simply bringing two realities together and they never totally mesh. The realities can affect each other. How do you do it? You must sit and pay attention. When you are looking for it, it will work. Sitting together in a group gives you more power. Concentrate on being quiet and still. Instructions for a powerful exercise are given. The group works with this exercise, discusses their experiences and asks questions based on their experiences with angelic contact and the exercise given.

(3 CDs) $32.95