Warriors on the Path


2nd Council of Nicea

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Replacing Myself

This valuable talk on preparing oneself to be in the Work combines the wit, wisdom and spiritual know-how of E.J. Gold, in discussion, with a group of his senior students regarding real concerns of ordinary life. Questions asked: 1. Will I have a better chance of getting into the Work if I do something other than the jobs I'm currently doing? 2. Should I try to replace myself in my jobs and do something else? 3. Once I've replaced myself, what do I do then? E.J. replies that one cannot get into the Work unless one is prepared. He asks if various forms of spiritual gaming have been tried as methods of preparation. In an attempt to answer these questions, he tells his students, "You have to think like an electron." Thereafter ensues a lively, illuminating discussion of Particle Physics, the Heisenberg Principle, and more.plasma clouds

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The Medicine Wheel - Martin Silverwolf

This is an instructional talk to actually take you through the Medicine Wheel process introducing the vast possibilities of the multiple ways with which to apply the practice of "Turning the Wheel".

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Slime Mold Technology - Drew Kristel

This talk focuses on the transformational and communication aspects related to Slime Mold Technology. Through adoration and caretaking of these ancient ancestors, we find a dynamic tool for alchemy and prayer.

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The Two Journeys of Gilgamesh

The legend of Gilgamesh is the most ancient recorded tale of a hero's journey. This Sumerian poem introduces themes found in later myths such as the Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Norse stories of journeys to the underworld. Dr. Naranjo tells the story with a commentary on its psychological and spiritual implications.

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Oedipus Reconsidered

Claudio Naranjo takes a different perspective on this character type. Includes comment by Dr. Abe Levitsky.

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The Enneagram of Patriarchal Society

Dr. Naranjo presents an innovative view of social pathologies by applying the enneatypes to aspects of culture, institutions, and nations. An expanded understanding of the enneagram marks this broad based talk and further confirms the fertility of the enneagram model. Lots of food for thought.

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Slime Wars Talk

Are you a time-traveler? Then you are in for a treat as you sit in on this top secret meeting which took place in the late 20th century by high ranking 37th century time-tripper General EJ "Nunan" Gold, detailing some of his film plans for his famous book SlimeWars, a book beloved by Slime Molds everywhere as an early guidebook for humans about the war between Slime Molds and Grey Aliens. General Gold tells of the Great Mother Slime Mold, who began in a slop bucket underneath the White House, as well as mentioning how the Aliens encouraged the growth of humans in order to provide the Aliens with missing enzymes they needed, and to care for the Aliens' stock of bovine enzymes.

He also mentions the Slime Mold agenda which includes the important information to humans for avoiding the rampant 20th and 21st century phenomenon of Alien abduction and enzyme extraction. "We're interested in teaching humans how to be telepaths. Telepathy is the only defense against Alien abduction. If you want to be considered an intelligent species, you must be telepathic..." Otherwise, guess what? Abduction and enzyme extraction become normal operating procedure in the Grey's scheme toward global domination of Planet Earth.

So, time-traveler, where are you sitting? Is the great film classic "Slimewars" already downloaded to your screen? Do you already own the action figures set from the film--hard to find, and worth trillions on eBay? If so, then I know you'll enjoy hearing how it all started so long ago, back when slime mold operatives gathered to discuss their own plans and ideas for the fate of Planet Earth. If not, then by all means listen and learn...it may already be too late!

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Difference Between Work & Preparation for Work / Organizing Your Time

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Enneatypes in Homeopathy

Dr. Claudio Naranjo, a notable author in the field of psychology and voice in human potential movement, has conducted extensive psychopharmacological and personality research. An associate of Fritz Perls at Esalen Institute in the 1960's, he examines the Enneatypes and how this system may influence and relate to healing and the science of homeopathy.

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DSM III & Enneatypes

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Enneagram of Society

In a rare West Coast appearance, June 2002 in Nevada City, CA, Dr. Claudio Naranjo joins E.J. Gold for a free-wheeling discussion of education and its institutions, possibilities for transforming individuals and society, and new book projects of both authors.

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