Objective Art


Objective Theater

This talk examines the function of man on the planet, his involuntary or voluntary feeding of lunar or solar entities, the invocation of entities by actors on stage, and the play as a form of invocation.

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Theater Absolute

This discussion of ancient theater and the power of manifestations includes a powerful exercise for working with attention and the source of attention.

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New Age Center Talk

A talk on Science Fiction Writing, space changes, animating the story with attention, the seed of death contained in life, spiritual work and life-sized Bunraku puppetry.

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Objective Art

Lee Lozowick, Menlo Macfarlane, Zoe Alowan and E.J. Gold. This free-wheeling panel discussion on Objective Art includes several definitions and examples of Objective Art and its significances in the transmission of Work ideas.

(3 CDs) $32.95


Objective Art II

Panel discussion with Robert Anton Wilson, Claudio Naranjo, E.J. Gold and the Flying Karamazov Brothers. The difference between subjective and objective art is explored by each of the panel members. They explain how being temporarily free from the work hypnosis can provide a Moment of Freedom in which objective art can be created.

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Poetry Reading

Claudio Naranjo. Stories and poetry composed and read by Claudio give the listener intuitive perceptions into the evolution of human spirituality.

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Mask: Place to Meet Your Essence

A workshop with Samuel Avital on using the mask to explore innerspace. Most people think of gesture as just movement of the face and hands; use of the mask frees the torso to work. Also touched on: the importance of whiteface; exploring the space between the mask and the face; the tradition of wearing a mask once a year in most cultures (Halloween, Mardi Gras, etc.). Some participants describe their experience of encountering Essence through mask work. Samuel Avital discusses the characteristics of a mature artist, and performance as a sacred act.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Cossack Travellers Dinner - The Mask Workshop

The mask as a medium of essence expression, communication and self-healing is explored in this workshop. Participants focus and divide their attention as they create their own clay masks and learn to use them as reminding factors and vehicles for their own work on self.

(4 CDs) $42.95


Working With Jewelry

The construction and work of jewelry modeled after designs that originated in ancient cultures is explored. In this talk, the Work use and practical work application of jewelry construction and marketing is discussed.

(2 CDs) $22.95


KVMR Sacred Dance Interview - Justin Val

In this Aquarian Vibrations show broadcast live in July, 1985, E.J. Gold and Menlo Macfarlane preview "The Oracle and the Garden," a sacred dance performance. Answering questions and trading stories with Justyn Vallori, they touch on the history of objective theater, magical invocation, interdimensional travel, ritual and magical improvisation, persistence of neolithic dance traditions and other related topics. Menlo Macfarlane fills in the audience on Indonesian cooking in New York apartments, African dance and percussion, shamanism in the work of modern dance master Nikolai and much, much more during the 90-minute program. He also demonstrates a dance step for the radio audience, possibly a first. Music clips are from Saturday Nite in the Higher Dimensions. This is a lively, informative and fun interview.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Creation Story Verbatim - Studio recording

This is a studio recording of the classic play on Creation featuring the Lord God Herself and her trusty sidekick, the Archangel Gabriel. It's read by Grace Kelly Rivera and Robbert Trice who have been working with and perfecting these roles for over a dozen years.

Music and various sound effects have been added to accentuate the drama. They also help to convey the special mood of this classic on voluntary evolution. The result is a compelling soundscape which supports this eternal dialogue and divine comedy.

It has been said that all conversations can be heard in this conversation.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Composite Waveform Technology

E.J. Gold, Jimmi Accardi, Evan Lurie, Claude Needham. This important talk looks at music and sound from a very different point of view. Topics include: beat frequency oscillation, subtractive frequencies, chord clash, harmonic waveforms, modulated frequencies, resonance, phase shifting in sound and light, photon echo, and the harmonic for all octaves -- viewing the electromagnetic spectrum as the Cosmic Keyboard. E.J. demonstrates waveform cancellation on the synthesizer.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Hooks (New Perceptions)

Dr. Claude Needham interviews Jimmi Accardi. This interview, recorded in The Union Label Studios, includes many topics ranging from commercial musical hooks to the periodic table of elements and Bardo hooks.

(2 CDs) $22.95


About Drumming

Bob Bachtold of the Jeff Spencer Trio with E.J. Gold, Robbert Trice, and Claude Needham. Bob demonstrates and explains the different types of accents and rhythms of the percussionist. Subjects covered are hand movement variations; playing with different "feels"; timing and duration; patterns, flams and pulses; pitch, timbre and volume; accenting hand strokes; single and double stroke combinations; time signatures; counterpoint and polyrhythms; and half-time triplets.

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The Two Journeys of Gilgamesh

The legend of Gilgamesh is the most ancient recorded tale of a hero's journey. This Sumerian poem introduces themes found in later myths such as the Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Norse stories of journeys to the underworld. Dr. Naranjo tells the story with a commentary on its psychological and spiritual implications.

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Every year Christmas rolls around, like it or not. What do you do? You meet with friends and family, and notice there's just some folks that Seem to Have Everything. Still, Christmas is for them, too, you think, and sure enough every year you find yourself wandering around looking for something in your price range for Those Who Already Have It All, but would probably like more. (I heard recently of a company, perhaps related to the God-World-in-My-Pocket developers, who've gone ahead and put the Entire Known Universe up for sale... After that gets bought, I guess they'll put up some of the Unknown and Lesser Known Universes, and before long Christmas shopping will be worse than ever...)

However, even Those Who Have It All don't often have a God-World-in-My-Pocket, not even the Gods, who you'd think would've wised up by now, rather than walking around with empty pockets.

Luckily, in this fast paced talk, E.J. Gold solves the problem. Listen and learn as he presents ideas about marketing this unique product--which I recommend everyone buy TODAY from SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE--like from Cloister Recordings, whom I know has some sitting around here and there that've been collecting special etheric particles from the Etherical Particles Division of their corporation, just in case they run into one of those Recording Angels in charge of seasonal gift giving for various recording label gods and executives.

Once you've seen one of these Pocket Worlds for yourself, you'll sigh with relief at their delightful simplicity, and may want to try selling a few yourself, if not for profit, then perhaps in the Spirit of helping some of the wandering Gods out there find a way home for the holidays...

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Essence of Creativity

A.H. Almaas leads us on an inspired journey into the nature of creativity - what is it? - why is it so important to us? A lively Q&A session winds up this dynamic talk, including questions from the audience and from Almaas to Gold.

(2 CDs) $22.95