Death & Dying


A Walking Tour of BardoTown

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Lazy Man's Guide - Intro

A dramatic reading of the book by the author, E.J. Gold. Learn instantly, the lazy man's way, how to confront the symptoms of death and hang out in white light regions. Key passages read -- Symptoms, First Stage, The Clear Light with background music and sound effects.

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Using the American Book of the Dead for

(1976) How a Being feels about a body; the nature of illness from the standpoint of a Being's fear of the potential loss of the body; the use of the American Book of the Dead as a healing agent; the relationship between the experience of death and the experience of illness; spiritual DNA -- a desire to have a preferred body/lifetime.

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Pir Al-Wahshi's Bardo Preview

Pir Al-Wahshi a.k.a. E.J. Gold talks about extending one's lifespan for the Work, and how to bring oneself to the condition of being useful to the Work. He relates some of his experiences with his early teachers.

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The Making of the ABD - Part II

On December 6, 2002 Paul Barnes and Miguel Lopez, from Spain, interviewed E.J. Gold. They asked the questions and got the answers we all want to know. How do the teachings of the Books of the Dead relate to Bardo Gaming? How does one prepare for the last journey by computer gaming? If you were fortunate and heard the talk "The Making of the American Book of the Dead" recorded in the '70s in Vancouver, then you won't want to miss this one. "A wonderful bi-lingual romp, with full simultaneous translation (including jokes and puns) in both Spanish and English. Not to be missed. Listen to it again and again!" Patricia Elizabeth, Co-Director - Labyrinth Readers Society

(2 CDs) $22.95