The Lost Tapes


Religious Rap w/ Dean Dimmer & Swami Devananda

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The "Pearls Before Swine" Sermon

Recorded at the Transit Chapel in Crestline, Sunday, February 22, 1976. This talk focuses on the American Book of the Dead. Topics include instructions for Choosing Rebirth; the Six Worlds; how the Bardos go on all the time; disintegration and reintegration of the Primal Elements of Consciousness; the experience of the Void as the Ultimate Stress Point; the balance game of Existence and Nonexistence; Liberation seen as something to be reached and then transcended; the function of the Guide; the Mantram for closing the Womb Door.

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Helping the Helpless

This tape discusses working with the American Book of the Dead in the voyaging space; doing readings to guide a Being through the Bardos; establishing and maintaining contact with the Voyager; preparing in life for what you confront in the Bardo; being thrown off balance into an unconscious rebirth; experiencing the Bardo in the voyaging space; the Bardo seen as the unraveling of one's own consciousness; the shock of being unprepared and thrown from space to space in the Bardos.

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Oneness/The Attention of the Heart

Side A: Oneness: The highest form of creation is "the particle" from which comes all other forms. The failure of the human incarnation to awaken the soul leads to this condition known as "Oneness" or "sludge." The human body is a catalyst for the soul's awakening. Its purpose is to infuse the soul with life by passing it through itself. If nothing "real" is done during the lifetime, the soul reverts back to sludge. This tape clarifies the differences between the body, consciousness, being and soul. (1974). Side B: The Attention of the Heart: This talk, given on September 30, 1985 focuses on the different types of attention and primarily on the attention of the heart. Topics include directing the heart's attention at will just as you would the attention of the mind or body; the idea of putting your heart into everything you do.

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Why Can't the Community Work Together?

This discussion from Steve Kunin's birthday 1988, focuses on several questions of his: Why can't the community work as a team? Why is everyone so sarcastic and disrespectful? Why does everybody have a "me first" attitude? How does one find the school within the community? A valuable asset for groups trying to work together and experiencing the usual difficulties.

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Composite Waveform Technology

E.J. Gold, Jimmi Accardi, Evan Lurie, Claude Needham. This important talk looks at music and sound from a very different point of view. Topics include: beat frequency oscillation, subtractive frequencies, chord clash, harmonic waveforms, modulated frequencies, resonance, phase shifting in sound and light, photon echo, and the harmonic for all octaves -- viewing the electromagnetic spectrum as the Cosmic Keyboard. E.J. demonstrates waveform cancellation on the synthesizer.

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Hooks (New Perceptions)

Dr. Claude Needham interviews Jimmi Accardi. This interview, recorded in The Union Label Studios, includes many topics ranging from commercial musical hooks to the periodic table of elements and Bardo hooks.

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About Drumming

Bob Bachtold of the Jeff Spencer Trio with E.J. Gold, Robbert Trice, and Claude Needham. Bob demonstrates and explains the different types of accents and rhythms of the percussionist. Subjects covered are hand movement variations; playing with different "feels"; timing and duration; patterns, flams and pulses; pitch, timbre and volume; accenting hand strokes; single and double stroke combinations; time signatures; counterpoint and polyrhythms; and half-time triplets.

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Helping E.J. In His Work

"If you can help me in my work, help comes to you." "It does not diminish a candle in any way to light other candles from it." Talent, skills, information, even aptitude for work are useless without conscience. "You have to derive what the Work is from an observation of how it's done. So it might take you more than a weekend..." These are glimpses of topics covered in this 1985 talk which is only for serious candidates.

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Side A: Begins with John and Toni Lilly discussing Earth Coincidence Control Office during a visit to Red House in August, 1975. The next day, E.J. Gold and Morgan Fox recorded a hilarious satire of this discussion, which follows. Side B: Mike McDonnell interviews John Lilly at his home in Decker Canyon, Los Angeles, about his work with the Sensory Attenuation Tanks.

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The Human Potential Movement

This public discussion between Claudio Naranjo and E.J. Gold kept the audience in uproarious laughter, and gave them some thoughts to take home and ponder. Is there such a thing as human potential? Tune in and see.

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Cosmo Street 1970

This is the only recorded material from the Cosmo Street era. Tape recorders were not allowed in these early meetings. This recording is available because someone smuggled a tape recorder in. Warning -- inferior sound quality, but very rare and collectible.

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Pir Al-Wahshi's Bardo Preview

Pir Al-Wahshi a.k.a. E.J. Gold talks about extending one's lifespan for the Work, and how to bring oneself to the condition of being useful to the Work. He relates some of his experiences with his early teachers.

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An Informal Talk with Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

This talk, soundtrack from the videotape of the same name (VID023), is full of stories told by Reb Zalman and Eve Ilsen. Similarities and practicality of ideas of different esoteric schools are discussed.

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Labyrinth Voyager

This is the soundtrack from VID059 and VID060, from the How to Videotape the Bardo series. A bardo space recorded live for those learning to work with attention and presence in the bardo.

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Macrodimensional Models

This soundtrack is from the videotapes of the same name, VID024-026. This talk is an exploration of the ideas in the appendices toLife in the Labyrinth, a discussion of how macrodimensional voyaging can be understood in mathematical terms.

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Voyaging in the Macrodimensions

This soundtrack is from How to Videotape the Bardo #4, VID055. An excellent example of being in the Bardo.

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Alchemical Oils: an In-Depth Interview

Practical applications of the oils as they relate to work-on-self and learning obligation are discussed. Kelly Rivera has worked with Alchemical Gold oils since 1987 and explains their use as effective tools to translate work theory into work practice.

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Slime Wars Talk

Are you a time-traveler? Then you are in for a treat as you sit in on this top secret meeting which took place in the late 20th century by high ranking 37th century time-tripper General EJ "Nunan" Gold, detailing some of his film plans for his famous book SlimeWars, a book beloved by Slime Molds everywhere as an early guidebook for humans about the war between Slime Molds and Grey Aliens. General Gold tells of the Great Mother Slime Mold, who began in a slop bucket underneath the White House, as well as mentioning how the Aliens encouraged the growth of humans in order to provide the Aliens with missing enzymes they needed, and to care for the Aliens' stock of bovine enzymes.

He also mentions the Slime Mold agenda which includes the important information to humans for avoiding the rampant 20th and 21st century phenomenon of Alien abduction and enzyme extraction. "We're interested in teaching humans how to be telepaths. Telepathy is the only defense against Alien abduction. If you want to be considered an intelligent species, you must be telepathic..." Otherwise, guess what? Abduction and enzyme extraction become normal operating procedure in the Grey's scheme toward global domination of Planet Earth.

So, time-traveler, where are you sitting? Is the great film classic "Slimewars" already downloaded to your screen? Do you already own the action figures set from the film--hard to find, and worth trillions on eBay? If so, then I know you'll enjoy hearing how it all started so long ago, back when slime mold operatives gathered to discuss their own plans and ideas for the fate of Planet Earth. If not, then by all means listen and may already be too late!

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