Breath of the Essential Self

An excellent invocational dinner talk in which Mr. Gold elicits from a group, with the help of two other groups by easaphone connection, the understanding and background for a precise formulation of a work idea. This invocation covers the awakening of the heart, machine voice versus essential voice, nonphenomenal anatomy, correspondences between higher and lower dimensions and other fresh data related to group work towards awakening the machine.

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An examination of the angelic character begins using the bookAngels by Peter Lamborn Wilson for comparison. E.J. Gold explores the activities and responsibilities of angels, their relationship to humans and the maintenance of Creation.

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Using the American Book of the Dead for

(1976) How a Being feels about a body; the nature of illness from the standpoint of a Being's fear of the potential loss of the body; the use of the American Book of the Dead as a healing agent; the relationship between the experience of death and the experience of illness; spiritual DNA -- a desire to have a preferred body/lifetime.

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Macrodimensional Models

This soundtrack is from the videotapes of the same name, VID024-026. This talk is an exploration of the ideas in the appendices toLife in the Labyrinth, a discussion of how macrodimensional voyaging can be understood in mathematical terms.

(4 CDs) $42.95


Slime Wars Talk

Are you a time-traveler? Then you are in for a treat as you sit in on this top secret meeting which took place in the late 20th century by high ranking 37th century time-tripper General EJ "Nunan" Gold, detailing some of his film plans for his famous book SlimeWars, a book beloved by Slime Molds everywhere as an early guidebook for humans about the war between Slime Molds and Grey Aliens. General Gold tells of the Great Mother Slime Mold, who began in a slop bucket underneath the White House, as well as mentioning how the Aliens encouraged the growth of humans in order to provide the Aliens with missing enzymes they needed, and to care for the Aliens' stock of bovine enzymes.

He also mentions the Slime Mold agenda which includes the important information to humans for avoiding the rampant 20th and 21st century phenomenon of Alien abduction and enzyme extraction. "We're interested in teaching humans how to be telepaths. Telepathy is the only defense against Alien abduction. If you want to be considered an intelligent species, you must be telepathic..." Otherwise, guess what? Abduction and enzyme extraction become normal operating procedure in the Grey's scheme toward global domination of Planet Earth.

So, time-traveler, where are you sitting? Is the great film classic "Slimewars" already downloaded to your screen? Do you already own the action figures set from the film--hard to find, and worth trillions on eBay? If so, then I know you'll enjoy hearing how it all started so long ago, back when slime mold operatives gathered to discuss their own plans and ideas for the fate of Planet Earth. If not, then by all means listen and may already be too late!

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How The Enneagram Works

In this dynamic workshop Mr. Gold looks at this unique figure of Sacred Geometry from several angles including where the Enneagram came from, how it works, and practical applications for using the Enneagram in daily life. The workshop begins by defining Sacred Geometry as the correlation of magical activity with geometric form and looks at the magical properties of the circle. It is stated that the Enneagram represents a musical scale, a musical notation system which leads to a thorough examination of the laws of the octave. These laws, which seem to govern all cyclic processes, are most easily understood by studying how they work in music. Knowledge of music theory is not required to grasp the basics of these principles. How sound waves interact and that this interaction, when viewed through the lens of the Enneagram, may be seen to be folding and unfolding like Japanese origami paper art or like a lotus flower folding in on itself. This lotus flower aspect of the Enneagram is said to be the remnants of a teaching that came through Tibet, Bhutan and Northern India some 10,000 - 20,000 years ago. It is similar to finding the jewel in the lotus.

(5 CDs) $52.95


Levitation, Invisibility & Immortality

This workshop explores basic issues of Being and Nothingness in a powerfully practical and extremely experiential fashion. It accomplishes this by framing it under the subject of invisibility and immediately gives the secret of invisibility as, "The living won't see the dead. Not can't see, but won't." This little nugget of wisdom is from Beetlejuice - a must see classic bardo video. Mr. Gold opens a door to bardo spaces by presenting the conclusion that - you must be dead to be invisible. The key is given as, "In order to be dead you have to be, at least, 'as if' not here at all. It has to be a world without you, a world in which you do not exist. As long as there's a crumb of ego, you can't be invisible. But as soon as you can see a world that you do not exist in, a world in which you are not, that's your crossover point - the world in which you don't exist, that's the first place you'll be existing. Until then, you 'as if' exist." Enigmatic as this may sound, it becomes even more enigmatic upon listening to the entire workshop. However, clues and exercises are given for a lifetime of follow-up work.

(3 CDs) $32.95


Astral Projection Workshop

Be prepared to have all beliefs and ideas about astral projection turned upside down and challenged by E.J. Gold in this workshop that emphasizes practical techniques over theory. Mr. Gold states flat out that, "almost everything you think you know about astral projection is probably wrong and most people who write about it don't know how it works. That fact that astral projection works is no big deal - this is the most important (thing) you can know because this will give you the key to what astral projection really is." Learning to flex your muscles as an essential being is the central theme of this workshop. Astral projection is the Being's way of breathing. Consistent daily exercise and practice is critical to success at any skill. You have, as a Being, the ability to manifest anywhere. Use it or lose it should be your motto related to your essential self. The principle along with a practical method to astral project is simply and clearly demonstrated. It's up to you to learn it and apply it. This is an exercise that can be utilized in a number of different situations. Later, this exercise is applied while drumming as a group. Drumming is a way to get out of body as a group. "You can train your essence to do what it does most naturally - exist without an organic form, exist apart from organic needs and involvements." This workshop will show you how.

(3 CDs) $32.95