"A shaman uses a different brain to process what he sees, and because he uses the whole nervous system, he has a greater wealth of perceptual symbology...

A shaman sees the whole field of vision in exact details because the perception is not confined by the brain's limited holographic symbology... It isn't just a question of gaining a greater perception. It is what you do with that perception that counts." -- Talk of the Month #23, "The Way of the Shaman"

Mr. Gold warns students, in his shamanism talks, that shamanism is a very serious practice, a way of performing the Work immediately, right now. It requires discipline, strong commitment and willingness to give up all personal addictions and forms of imaginary helplessness. These talks provide an excellent introduction to Shamanism as a way of entering The Work.



This discourse provides precise definitions of laws and of the active and passive principles. Will be particularly appreciated by those familiar with the concept of the laws and their process of derivation and reflection.

(3 CDs) $32.95


Objective Prayer

A discussion of the banishing of Chief Feature, our periodic "moments of freedom" from its influence, and the technique of initiating action during these moments of freedom.

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Eight Selves Within Us

Robert Anton Wilson gives an introduction to his popular workshop on the eight circuits of the evolving human nervous system.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Secrets of the Illuminati

Features Robert Anton Wilson and E.J. Gold revealing many occult secrets of the oldest and most widespread conspiracy on the planet.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Cosmic Acupuncture

A reading and musical play from the book,A Child's Guide to Altered States of Consciousness. Also on side 1 and continuing onto side 2 is a reading from the bookCosmic Acupuncture: the Spiritual Science of DNA -- a manual of black box training. -- Call for Availability.

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Brute World on $5 a Day

The third in a series of talks on the sensory attenuation tank. The gateways leading from one world to another and the method for surviving sudden translations between worlds are openly discussed with a small, private group. (This talk has been re-mastered to improve the sound quality and also is included as part of the 5 cassette series The Tank Talks TP239.)

(2 CDs) $22.95


Evolutionary Invocation

The process of evolutionary invocation causes the concentration of a presence and/or its attention out of the Face of God. The diffused state, serious meditation, the effects of invoked presence, the mystical "rubberado" and closing the door to open-house invocation are included.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Chamber Penetration

Beginning from a broader discussion of contemporary religious practices, this talk explores the characteristics of higher chambers and means of their penetration through storytelling and discourse. Also included is the "Empty Room" exercise.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Cossack Travellers Dinner - The Mask Workshop

The mask as a medium of essence expression, communication and self-healing is explored in this workshop. Participants focus and divide their attention as they create their own clay masks and learn to use them as reminding factors and vehicles for their own work on self.

(4 CDs) $42.95


Breath of the Essential Self

An excellent invocational dinner talk in which Mr. Gold elicits from a group, with the help of two other groups by easaphone connection, the understanding and background for a precise formulation of a work idea. This invocation covers the awakening of the heart, machine voice versus essential voice, nonphenomenal anatomy, correspondences between higher and lower dimensions and other fresh data related to group work towards awakening the machine.

(4 CDs) $42.95


The Work Diet

Full title is "The Alchemical Foundation for the Accretion of Higher Substances or Is There Life After Mayonnaise?" This talk introduces and outlines a homeopathic diet that is most conducive to the ingestion and absorption of higher hydrogens used for the formation of higher being bodies. Machine addiction, immunity and toxicity screens, elimination of wastes and poisons from the body, rancidity of food, digestion and absorption factors are all elaborated in relation to this life-saving diet.

(3 CDs) $32.95


The ABC's of Love

This outstanding talk presents love in the shamanistic view, distinguishing it from other meanings of the word love and forms of love in machine life. Information includes opening up to the breath of love, using attention to mold the force of love, non-dependency and risk of real love, differences between love, God and lightning handlers. A revealing and perspective-altering discourse.

(3 CDs) $32.95



This talk begins from an historical and cultural perspective on shamanism and moves through topics such as seeing within expectations, the invisible world, drug-induced non-organic perception, holographic interpretive visions, shape-shifting, man and woman in relation to the Work, the evolution of the Absolute, the creation as a single moment, accelerating one's experience of creation, and the shaman within the context of the work group.

(4 CDs) $42.95


The R. & F. Invocation

Lee Lozowick and E.J. Gold join in a rollicking 1985 convention session that ranges from grim survival subjects to ribald expression of work ideas to the 100th Monkey Syndrome as a means of understanding The Work. Mr. Gold recommends this talk that uses the analogy of "running & f--king" as a prime example of an invocation in which the content is not significant for its meaning but rather for indication of group mood-shifts and space changes that reveal how the invocation is proceeding.

(4 CDs) $42.95


Dressed in Drag

Traditionally many male shamans have adopted female clothing, to get in touch with their feminine side. This shamanistic practice of "Dressing in drag" and how one can learn from it is discussed here.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Whole Body Attention

The machine and the electric bubble, expansion of one's own morphology, repetition in beginning work, expansion, contraction, focusing and withdrawal of attention are all explored.

(3 CDs) $32.95


Is There Life After Zelda?

Problem solving in the labyrinth may utilize skills that are not readily acquired. The Zelda game requires a method, although limited, of learning how to think in other categories and how to look at things in a new way, as you might do in voyaging situations. Join us on this fascinating discovery where many learning surprises await you.

(4 CDs) $42.95


The Way of Right Action

A talk on the difficulties of working with attention in day-to-day life. Moments of being "on," exalted states, phenomenal outcomes, retaining one's Buddhahood, the dark side of the Force and the world beyond illusion are examined with references from the film Golden Child.

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Premature Loss of the Will of the Machine

In this discourse with an individual who has made a break with organic strivings, the curse of organic life is explored. The assumption of wellness, the bottom of the well, organic belief structures, mainstream captors and the way down from apathy are all examined with macrodimensional humor and objectivity.

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Nitro Medicine Ball

The Work as seen from the One Chamber is examined. The conscience of the King, keeping the ball aloft, super effort necessity, wake-up calls, borrowing Work will, timing and reliability and learning to die before you die are discussed in their relationship to Obligation to the Absolute.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Death vs. Eternal Life

An exploration of the macrodimensional significance of this important question. Also, the original moment of creation, the last temptation of Christ, the seduction of suicide, reading artifacts, Zen power yell, and the view from the cross are looked at.

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Path of Slightly Less Resistance

Shamanism and the riddle of the labyrinth along with the conditions of travel to the heart of the labyrinth are explored in this revealing talk.

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Two Attentions

The attention of the being is contrasted with the attention of the machine from a fourth dimensional perspective. Fear and the aesthetic tolerance to no time flow and movement as a fourth-dimensional figure are also examined.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Plasma Talk

"Your ordinary body above the speed of light is a plasma." This talk from January 7, 1990 focuses on: the goal of Zen; the conditions necessary to produce a seance; the different forms of plasma; "going plasma" as a form of practicing dying; swimming down the entropic stream of evolution; our downfall as shamans is our resistance to change; Jacob's ladder; going plasma as a necessary ability for entering the Work; and passing through the barrier between matter and energy.

(1 CDs) $12.95


About Drumming

Bob Bachtold of the Jeff Spencer Trio with E.J. Gold, Robbert Trice, and Claude Needham. Bob demonstrates and explains the different types of accents and rhythms of the percussionist. Subjects covered are hand movement variations; playing with different "feels"; timing and duration; patterns, flams and pulses; pitch, timbre and volume; accenting hand strokes; single and double stroke combinations; time signatures; counterpoint and polyrhythms; and half-time triplets.

(1 CDs) $12.95