Man on the Cross
" Let us take The Man on the Cross out of religious context. This may, at first consideration, seem utterly impossible, because we have been taught to associate The Man on the Cross only with Christianity. The connection between The Man on the Cross and Christianity in particular, and religion in general, is so firmly fixated in the beliefs of human beings -- particularly in the western world -- that even when confronted with examples of ancient art which depicts a man on the cross far antecedent to Christianity, that is to say, thousands of years before Christianity, they are still unable to break their fixation." -- E.J. Gold, Man on the Cross Workshop, 1983

I wish my pain to help me not forget Our Endless Creator who can never descend, even accidentally, from the Cross of Creation on which he is crucified that we might have life and form. I can use this pain for my work, to remember. I do not mean artificially-induced pain, but pain in the natural course of events." -- Talk of the Month #4, 1983, "A Cause for Remorse"

The Man on the Cross material ranges from little-known historical details of Sumerian and Egyptian magic and the origins of Wiccan household religions in the Middle Ages to major evolutionary ideas such as intentional suffering, transformational necessity and Obligation to higher laws.


The Physical Body/The Pump

Side 1: A talk on the symbolism of the Tarot as it relates to the science of types and the assimilation of impressions.

Side 2: Reversing the flow of substances so they pass through man from the outer world to the inner world is the subject of this informal talk to an intimate group.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Mastering from Above

What is the objective purpose of human life? Becoming subject to higher laws and the sacrifice of Eternal Peace. This talk also explores the question, "Does God really suffer?" This talk has just been recently re-mastered to save this aging recording and also to restore and improve in a high fidelity professional recording studio the sound quality available for the serious student.

(3 CDs) $32.95


Obligation and Slavery

Ordinary man, by trying to escape his own minimum obligation of personal suffering, increases his pain and suffering. Expansion beyond one's personal suffering is examined in this talk.

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Suffering of God

Psychometry, teachings intentionally recorded in artifacts, the nature of The Work, and the Unspeakable Sacrifice are explored.

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Objective Prayer

A discussion of the banishing of Chief Feature, our periodic "moments of freedom" from its influence, and the technique of initiating action during these moments of freedom.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Objective Prayer Workshop

Jerry Berman explains the ritual and practice of Objective Prayer, including techniques for recognizing and acting within "moments of freedom." Includes the presentation of an important sensing exercise from the Japanese School of Sumi-e Painting.

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Hitler and Jesus Talk

Assuming responsibility for the inner and outer worlds and the work of consciousness is examined in this talk.

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Grapefruit and the Ghost

Similar in presentation to the Grapefruit Talk, this talk includes a discussion of man and Being, the occurrences necessary for the formation of a soul, and the solar plexus as a "black box" (an unknowable and internally inaccessible source of catharsis).

(2 CDs) $49.00


Concern is Your Concession to Unconsciousness

An excellent talk given by Lee Lozowick.

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Whirlpool Talk

The method of service and the function of a work community as a challenge. In this revealing talk, the truly esoteric idea of "Die before you die" is elaborated within the context of one student's personal dilemma -- a frank presentation of a universal barrier which few face.

(3 CDs) $32.95


Atmospheres of Transformation

This talk begins with a discussion of witchcraft and Christianity. Other topics include entering into and gaining the ability to work with "Work Atmospheres," ritual dinners. Prayer Absolute as an obligation, contemplation of the Man on the Cross, creation as a one-sided mirror of no dimension and angelic conductivity are discussed.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Leave, Before It's Too Late!

Beginning with the question, "Is it possible to alleviate the suffering of God?", this talk examines the consequences of candidacy for initiation, the sacrifice of union, real questions, powers and attainments, the nature of sacrifice and the end of the Work.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Voluntary Purgatory

Voluntary descent into self-imposed conditions of purgatory are a powerful means for the growth of conscience within the individual. Also, headbrain and tailbrain functions, lineage transplants and invocation of an Angelic host are discussed.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Man on the Cross

As any serious seeker can attest, Man on the Cross material is hard to come by. The difficult and esoteric work idea of "Die before you die" is explored within the context of voluntary reascension of the cross. Very esoteric ideas are presented here with full candor. This talk is pan-religious and erases all barriers between oneself and one's cosmic position.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Higher Bodies

The development of higher being bodies as vehicles of consciousness is discussed; the functions, conditions and activities of work communities are explored. Other topics include attention, obligation, laws of the work, organic man as a weed and self-cultivated man.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Winnipeg Easaphone - Transformation Necessity

This conversation with the Winnipeg group reveals the work question, "How can I make my transformation a necessity to the Work?" Recognition of organic emotions, transformation as opposed to evolution and "What is a Real Question?" are pursued.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Man on the Cross Workshop

This workshop is not a presentation of data but a group exercise designed to penetrate and assimilate the significance and mood of the Man on the Cross. For this reason, it has only been partially condensed. Students may order just tapes 5, 6 and 7 (for $32.95) to sample this attempt to momentarily break the suffocation of self-esteem and penetrate the difficult method of dying before one dies for the purpose of entering the Work.

(10 CDs) $102.95


When the Rapture Comes

This revealing discourse between E.J. Gold and Lee Lozowick begins with a discussion of Roman-occupied Judea and the crucifixion. The universe as a purely decorative object, creation and destruction cycles, the teacher as a guest, conflict management, the danger of harmony and joining the Work Chain outside of Creation are explored in this informative discourse. Not for the timid.

(6 CDs) $62.95


Be Still and Know That I Am God

In this revealing presentation of work data and perspectives, E.J. Gold speaks on the Angel of Death, being the center of one's own mandala, the Man on the Cross, stillness and silence at the speed of light, light in infinite extension, eternity, the void and the deathbed experience.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Fear and Risk

At the Sacramento Convention, Lee Lozowick and E.J. talk about dying to ordinary life, overcoming fears and the necessity of risk-taking in the school. New Age imitation spirituality is debunked. The kind of attention needed for work, what it means to be in the Work, and making oneself available to receive the teaching are also discussed.

(4 CDs) $42.95


Prayer Absolute and Discipline

What is the relationship of the Voyager to the Absolute? The necessity for discipline and the Creation as a dead lover are explored in this revealing talk.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Triad - Studio recording

Written by E.J. Gold and performed by the Voyager's Guild, the Triad play is recorded with one character on the left channel and one character on the right channel. You play the tape through both channels and hear the complete performance or you may play the tape selecting only one channel. In this case you will be able to read the lines opposite the selected character.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Moving Prayer

Given in 1984, this talk discusses: the danger of following leaders and being "had"; the emphasis on the sound in a chamber rather than the words and what they mean; accepting your slavery to the endless round of death and rebirth; learning to trust yourself; the difference between being a character in a game with no choice and subjecting oneself to higher law; being responsible for one's own trip and the unreliability of one's own experiences.

(2 CDs) $22.95


What Is A Saint?

From Meadow Vista, May 1, 1982. The meaning behind the phrase "Straight is the Gate and Narrow the Way" from the King James Bible is examined along with the true meaning of the word "saint." Saintly functions are explored, as well as the difference between objective and subjective help.

(3 CDs) $32.95


The Bullet-Proof King

"You will forget all the vestiges of who you were, who you have been for this number of years. . .But you can preserve the best elements of it, and use the life in a particular way, by making your identity conform to what does survive. . .Little by little, a single organism. . .capable of accepting, tolerating, the invoked presence of a very, very powerful, very large being - an entity much greater than any single individual. . . ."

(4 CDs) $42.95