About Drumming

Bob Bachtold of the Jeff Spencer Trio with E.J. Gold, Robbert Trice, and Claude Needham. Bob demonstrates and explains the different types of accents and rhythms of the percussionist. Subjects covered are hand movement variations; playing with different "feels"; timing and duration; patterns, flams and pulses; pitch, timbre and volume; accenting hand strokes; single and double stroke combinations; time signatures; counterpoint and polyrhythms; and half-time triplets.

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Labyrinth Voyager

This is the soundtrack from VID059 and VID060, from the How to Videotape the Bardo series. A bardo space recorded live for those learning to work with attention and presence in the bardo.

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The Tank Talks

In this series of talks Mr. Gold discusses biofeedback in the four major frequency bands (Beta, Alpha, Theta and the four Deltas), the use of the sensory deprivation tank to work with these states and the process of producing the between-lives experience using the tank. A second focus is the use and function of the tank, including a presentation of its use to reflect one's own essential nature and a startling revelation of the method for using that tank as a gateway to another world. Included in this series of talks is the tape "The Brute World on $5 a Day" (is also available individually). In this talk Mr. Gold openly discusses with a small private group the gateways leading from one world to another and the method for surviving sudden transitions between worlds.

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How to Get a Work Question Answered - Convention 2003

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Work Business Demo - Convention 2003

At Convention 2003, E.J. Gold demonstrated numerous business ventures including working with high-end jewelry, dealing in antiquities, selling art and selling carpets all areas in which he has worked. He related stories and others contributed to reveal that the interaction with the customer was the key.{caption}

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Spiritual Gaming

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Every year Christmas rolls around, like it or not. What do you do? You meet with friends and family, and notice there's just some folks that Seem to Have Everything. Still, Christmas is for them, too, you think, and sure enough every year you find yourself wandering around looking for something in your price range for Those Who Already Have It All, but would probably like more. (I heard recently of a company, perhaps related to the God-World-in-My-Pocket developers, who've gone ahead and put the Entire Known Universe up for sale... After that gets bought, I guess they'll put up some of the Unknown and Lesser Known Universes, and before long Christmas shopping will be worse than ever...)

However, even Those Who Have It All don't often have a God-World-in-My-Pocket, not even the Gods, who you'd think would've wised up by now, rather than walking around with empty pockets.

Luckily, in this fast paced talk, E.J. Gold solves the problem. Listen and learn as he presents ideas about marketing this unique product--which I recommend everyone buy TODAY from SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE--like from Cloister Recordings, whom I know has some sitting around here and there that've been collecting special etheric particles from the Etherical Particles Division of their corporation, just in case they run into one of those Recording Angels in charge of seasonal gift giving for various recording label gods and executives.

Once you've seen one of these Pocket Worlds for yourself, you'll sigh with relief at their delightful simplicity, and may want to try selling a few yourself, if not for profit, then perhaps in the Spirit of helping some of the wandering Gods out there find a way home for the holidays...

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Being in Eternity

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The Essence of Creativity

A.H. Almaas leads us on an inspired journey into the nature of creativity - what is it? - why is it so important to us? A lively Q&A session winds up this dynamic talk, including questions from the audience and from Almaas to Gold.

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Secrets of Angelic Healing & Invocation

This workshop explores the basic questions: What is healing?; What is an angel?; What are the conditions of angelic invocation? Angelic contact is very personal. First, you need to want to make contact. Second, you can't be afraid. Third, you need to be totally open to all possibilities. Fourth, you don't have to believe in angels; you can be skeptical but not sarcastic or cynical. Fifth, approach angelic contact without superstition. Invocation of an angel is simply bringing two realities together and they never totally mesh. The realities can affect each other. How do you do it? You must sit and pay attention. When you are looking for it, it will work. Sitting together in a group gives you more power. Concentrate on being quiet and still. Instructions for a powerful exercise are given. The group works with this exercise, discusses their experiences and asks questions based on their experiences with angelic contact and the exercise given.

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Astral Projection Workshop

Be prepared to have all beliefs and ideas about astral projection turned upside down and challenged by E.J. Gold in this workshop that emphasizes practical techniques over theory. Mr. Gold states flat out that, "almost everything you think you know about astral projection is probably wrong and most people who write about it don't know how it works. That fact that astral projection works is no big deal - this is the most important (thing) you can know because this will give you the key to what astral projection really is." Learning to flex your muscles as an essential being is the central theme of this workshop. Astral projection is the Being's way of breathing. Consistent daily exercise and practice is critical to success at any skill. You have, as a Being, the ability to manifest anywhere. Use it or lose it should be your motto related to your essential self. The principle along with a practical method to astral project is simply and clearly demonstrated. It's up to you to learn it and apply it. This is an exercise that can be utilized in a number of different situations. Later, this exercise is applied while drumming as a group. Drumming is a way to get out of body as a group. "You can train your essence to do what it does most naturally - exist without an organic form, exist apart from organic needs and involvements." This workshop will show you how.

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What You Need to Know for Bardo Safari - Convention 2005

During the convention in 2005 E.J. Gold guided Cynthia through elementary Bardo Training. Through this interactive demonstration what you need to know for Bardo Safaris is identified. Gold reveals the secret of exactly why Bardo Training is a practical tool.

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