The Work as Business


Work as Business

This dinner talk was given at the Pan-Angelic Conference, the third annual IDHHB Fourth Way Convention in September, 1982. Work ideas are presented within a practical and common-sense context. Slavery to the "tube," the Work as work, how to approach the Work and making one's survival dependent upon one's own work are explored.

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Working With Jewelry

The construction and work of jewelry modeled after designs that originated in ancient cultures is explored. In this talk, the Work use and practical work application of jewelry construction and marketing is discussed.

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The Rembrandt Tape

Required listening for all newcomers, this tape is an eye-opener on the subject of apprenticeship and its use in the studios of such masters as Rembrandt. E. J. Gold discusses how apprentices can earn a place for themselves in the studio of a master craftsman. This tape discusses apprenticeship, practical work, and the difference between coming to the Work to learn and coming to the Work to work. A fundamental talk that lays the ground rules for working with a teacher of any kind. Highly recommended.

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E.J. Gold on Marketing

A demonstration given to a group by E.J. Gold in 1985 on how to communicate with someone on the telephone and make a difference in their life--a work way of marketing music tapes.

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Replacing Myself

This valuable talk on preparing oneself to be in the Work combines the wit, wisdom and spiritual know-how of E.J. Gold, in discussion, with a group of his senior students regarding real concerns of ordinary life. Questions asked: 1. Will I have a better chance of getting into the Work if I do something other than the jobs I'm currently doing? 2. Should I try to replace myself in my jobs and do something else? 3. Once I've replaced myself, what do I do then? E.J. replies that one cannot get into the Work unless one is prepared. He asks if various forms of spiritual gaming have been tried as methods of preparation. In an attempt to answer these questions, he tells his students, "You have to think like an electron." Thereafter ensues a lively, illuminating discussion of Particle Physics, the Heisenberg Principle, and more.plasma clouds

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Gateways Easter Commentaries

This set presents a running commentary on three music tapes by the composer, E.J. Gold, along with performer/choreographer Menlo Macfarlane, musicologist Nancy Christie and other staff and visitors to the work community. Full unedited recordings made during Easter 1985 celebration at the Institute. Highly recommended as background for anyone giving presentations or marketing Gateways music.

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Starting a Work Business - Convention 2003

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Work Business Demo - Convention 2003

At Convention 2003, E.J. Gold demonstrated numerous business ventures including working with high-end jewelry, dealing in antiquities, selling art and selling carpets all areas in which he has worked. He related stories and others contributed to reveal that the interaction with the customer was the key.{caption}

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Spiritual Marketing

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Movements Workshop 2005 - Excerpts, Jokes, Anecdotes

In the course of presenting a workshop Mr. Gold will often include jokes, anecdotes and data apparently tangential to the subject at hand. These asides may be as valuable as the course itself. This collection presents highlights of additional material from the 2005 Movements Workshop. Here you will find a wealth of information and advice on setting up an online Work business as well as much information not given elsewhere. Additionally, these CDs communicate the atmosphere of the workshop space and provide a clear dispatch of current Institute activity.

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