Introduction to the Work
E.J. Gold has warned many who are seeking the Work -- if you have anything else to do with your life, go and do it. Lee Lozowick has said that very few will ever cost their teacher anything in a real way. So, for those who are brave of heart and strong of intent, we invite you to consider the question -- Is there a way to realize your ultimate purpose as a human being?


The Voice of Conscience

A talk on octaves, candidacy for the Work and the voice of conscience. Introduces the idea of "making everything quiet inside" as a condition for Work.

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Center of Gravity Question

The method and use of Real Work Questions is presented in this very fundamental talk that is a blessing for newcomers.

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Laws of the Work

A discussion of the objective purpose of human beings, the impossibility of attaining completion by mastery from below and the function of cosmic maintainers within the Work.

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Objective Theater

This talk examines the function of man on the planet, his involuntary or voluntary feeding of lunar or solar entities, the invocation of entities by actors on stage, and the play as a form of invocation.

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Inaccessible Monasteries

This public talk describes how we are subject to the conditioning of the organic machine and how we can be either free or spontaneous.

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In Search of the Ordinary

This talk includes a discussion of the Five-Fold Mastery (mind, breath, emotions, appetite and sex), working with the natural flow and tempo of life, the transformation of ordinary experience into evolutionary work, and the role of Avatars and Tulkus.

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How the Teacher Works

In this talk, Lee stresses the practical reality of the Work in terms of Self-remembering and Self-forgetting and includes several anecdotes from Lee's past experiences in the Work.

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The Black Sheep Evening

This is an introduction to the Black Sheep material. Excellent for the novice.

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What Do You Know For Sure?

Questions are answered by Robert Anton Wilson and E.J. Gold. The focus of this talk is a powerful meditation utilizing the question "What do you know for sure?"

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Work Aptitude

Lee Lozowick, during the September 1981 Convention, the "Conference of the Birds," gives an informative talk on perspectives of Work aptitude and attitude as well as stages of growth and change within the Work.

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Transit Talk - First Talk

A talk to new students about teaching methods, being asleep and awakening from the dream, and why many people cannot come to a school. The second cassette, Transit - Third Stage, is a precise descriptive talk on the first, second - and especially the third - stages of transit, including some unique perspectives on rebirth.

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This Pacifica Radio interview with Sheikh Al-Wahshi demonstrates again that words cannot express or do justice to the Sheikh's unique message. Side 2 is a reading from the book Spontaneous Surrender.

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Interview with Amanda Foulger

Amanda Foulger interviews E. J. Gold.

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Study Group Talk

This talk to a Vancouver study group includes a discussion of the nature of psyche and essence, the formation of higher bodies, the surrender of psychological control and the moments of the Great Betrayal.

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Content versus Context in Godlife

A lecture given by Lee Lozowick.

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A lecture given by Lee Lozowick.

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The Alarm Clock Fable and Other Tales

Tales told to a group by Lee Lozowick. Lee Lozowick states we are realized, enlightened beings -- the problem is we are asleep; we need to wake up.

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W.B.A.I Radio Interview - New York INNERVIEW

Mary Houston interviews E.J. Gold. In this lighthearted yet informative interview, Mr. Gold discusses the human biological machine, the chronic, transformation and the upcoming Chronic Workshop. A practical treatment of the subject provides the best introductory single cassette talk for new students of the Work. Highly recommended.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Work Aims

In this talk to senior students, Mr. Gold reveals that people do not know why they are in a work community. Work aims and purposes, work commandos, and invading the 4th dimension, reflexive evolution and the group as a mountain climbing expedition are discussed.

(4 CDs) $42.95


The Work - An Introduction to What it is

This talk focuses on the need for Group Work, doing the work of a Fallen Angel, transforming and healing radiations, and physiological changes in the biological machine as a response to transformation. An indispensable talk for those interested in candidacy for the Work.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Chicago Easaphone - Work Credentials

This easaphone conversation between the Chicago Study Circle and Core Group begins with references to the Redfin Material and magnetic center. Mr. Gold is asked to present his credentials for teaching this work and he answers beginners' questions definitively.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Wanting the Work

This direct talk to a senior work community explores the idea of learning to want the Work and then to need the Work. The failure syndrome, eternal recurrence in the Bingo Hall and a secret of attention are also presented.

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Survival for the Work

After a survival training intensive sponsored by the Institute, Lee Lozowick examines listeners' wishes to survive for the Work, body reaction, receiving help, the value of the Sangha and the death of the teacher.

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Women in the Work II

New York workshop explores the cultural stereotyping and weaknesses and strengths of men and women in relationship to the Work. Relationships and the fragility of man, theatrical gender lines, work necessity, shamanism, and cleansing the self of identity are discussed. This tape should be listened to as a follow-up to Women in the Work I.

(6 CDs) $62.95


The Work Dilemma

These two talks by Lee Lozowick, one of which includes the "Work Aptitude" talk, focus upon gaining necessity for working on self, being of real service to others, awakening the machine, changing one's perspective in relation to organic life, the Fourth Way -- is it real?, and a method called "casino worship."

(5 CDs) $52.95


1985 Attitude Horizon Convention Highlight

Opening session of the convention with E. J. Gold and Lee Lozowick. This panel discussion covers answering and not-answering work questions, use of the teacher's time and attention, and possibilities for evolution all through dialogue with convention participants. Short samples of the R. & F. talk, 2 scenes from a performance of The Creation Story Verbatim and other excerpts are also included.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Work Intensity

How long, and what intensity of work on self is needed to bring one into a position where transformation is possible? Necessity to awaken the machine, the evolution of the Absolute, the immortality of the machine and the Law of Triads are all examined in this very relevant talk for work on self.

(2 CDs) $22.95


One Last Question

Students attending a work tactical survival workshop are given the opportunity to ask their hypothetical last question of the Teacher. Attention and the waking state, accumulation of attention, tension and the Work, barriers to the waking state, and catfighting are all explored in this survival training workshop. Learning how to survive with style is emphasized.

(3 CDs) $32.95


Zenbo Archery

The mechanics and sensitivity of the Zen Bo are explored in this pre-archery workshop discussion. Attaching the arrow to one's own heart, shooting arrows in the dark, the nothing-left-to-lose dervishes, blind archers and the need for being "on" in context with working in the Work are targeted for practical application.

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Convention Discourse

E.J. Gold and Lee Lozowick. Lee talks about how a lot of people are attracted to the work ideas but are afraid to take any risks. Just listening to the ideas won't do anything. Work groups and entry into the work are discussed.

(3 CDs) $32.95


The Rembrandt Tape

Required listening for all newcomers, this tape is an eye-opener on the subject of apprenticeship and its use in the studios of such masters as Rembrandt. E. J. Gold discusses how apprentices can earn a place for themselves in the studio of a master craftsman. This tape discusses apprenticeship, practical work, and the difference between coming to the Work to learn and coming to the Work to work. A fundamental talk that lays the ground rules for working with a teacher of any kind. Highly recommended.

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Hart of the Labyrinth

Contemporary artist Dick Hart asks a question which begins this exploration, hence the title, "Hart of the Labyrinth". You will hear a discussion about an important work tool - the use of video games as a means of training yourself as a Labyrinth voyager. Give yourself this opportunity to learn how to develop these new skills.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Why Be Here To Work?

In this birthday question, the benefits of working for the Work in a Work community are explored. Also, the topics of form versus content, form changing, what Work ideas are for, the feel of the Work, Work mechanics, and selflessness versus generosity are examined.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Significance and Motivation

In this birthday question, "If nothing needs to be done, why is anything happening at all?" The removal of the social and primate directives is examined. Also, the creation of motivation from nothing, the alternative to human life, the significance of human life in the higher dimensions, the height of inertness, purpose powering motivation and confronting the totality of reality are examined.

(3 CDs) $32.95


The Focus of the Work Community

In this birthday question, the direction and activities of the Work community are questioned as well as levels of perfection, the excrement of concentrated attention, cultural imperatives, art as a form of Work, and more adventures in the Gutai school of painting. The question, "When are you Happiest?" is asked of members of the community.

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Waging Work

"A being-task, or an essence-task, is any task that you do with attention and presence. . . The bottom line of everything is how much do you care?"

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Class Discussion

This archival recording from 1976 of a question and answer session with Mr. Gold includes: Tantra and the importance of visualization, the floatation tank as an alternative to tantra, the key to space changes, discipline, habits and the technique of substitution. Students discuss obstacles and difficulties in their work, and each one answers the primary school question - why are you here?

(3 CDs) $32.95


Lies, Contradictions & the Work

Why does the Work appear to contain so many contradictions? How does a teacher work with students? Why do teachers intentionally lie? What is the "most real" question you can ask? These and more are answered in this very candid and revealing talk by Mr. Gold as he discloses methods he uses to prepare candidates for the Work. Other topics include what is required of someone wishing to work with Mr. Gold, one view of the initiation process, and the true story of "Oy Vey."

(4 CDs) $42.95


Why Can't the Community Work Together?

This discussion from Steve Kunin's birthday 1988, focuses on several questions of his: Why can't the community work as a team? Why is everyone so sarcastic and disrespectful? Why does everybody have a "me first" attitude? How does one find the school within the community? A valuable asset for groups trying to work together and experiencing the usual difficulties.

(3 CDs) $32.95


Helping E.J. In His Work

"If you can help me in my work, help comes to you." "It does not diminish a candle in any way to light other candles from it." Talent, skills, information, even aptitude for work are useless without conscience. "You have to derive what the Work is from an observation of how it's done. So it might take you more than a weekend..." These are glimpses of topics covered in this 1985 talk which is only for serious candidates.

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Big Secret

"I will tell you the Big Secret...but in order to understand, you must be in an elevated state..." Many have read books on the Work, acquired work materials, performed the exercises, and still find there is an ingredient missing in their work. This convention talk discloses what that ingredient is and how to get it.

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Invisible Work

(3 CDs) $32.95


Digging a Hole / Work Will - Convention 1999

Getting yourself "in trouble" provides the necessity for developing Work Will. E.J. demonstrates how this can be done.

(3 CDs) $32.95


The Greatest Gift

This talk is essential listening for anyone approaching the study materials presented by Mr. Gold. The question, "What is the value of working with and in a group?" is examined from the vantage point of this diverse community of artists collectively working as "The Grass Valley Graphics Group." With revealing candor, Mr. Gold discloses exactly what he teaches and how he gets his will to work. Other topics include: One's Long Life as contrasted with Present Life, spaces difficult to enter and to avoid, and getting caught in eternal moments. . . And the Greatest Gift? Mr. Gold explains that. This talk is highly recommended for use in a discussion group. "Listen to it at home and then come in and discuss it in a group."

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Way of Perfect Service

On his 63rd birthday, E.J. announced that he would give a talk on "The Way of Perfect Service." The dining room overflowed and the standing guests spilled into the hallway trying to get a glimpse of E.J. opening gifts. After previewing E.J.'s first recordings playing his new gemeinhardt flute, a gift he wished to honor, E.J. asked for Jewel, who was in the kitchen preparing to serve the cake, to come and ask her birthday question. She explained that her everyday life was very busy and she wished for something more . . . to put her efforts towards being of meaningful service. Michele's birthday question was essentially the same. Both questions quite naturally made a segue into the talk. E.J. repeatedly emphasized that perfect service is about endless, selfless dedication to doing what needs to be done without regard for the relative importance of the task. . . When asked about what is meaningful he talked about right action, giving stories to elucidate examples of being in the right place at the right time with the right attitude.

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Five Points

(1 CDs) $12.95


Movements Workshop 2005 - Excerpts, Jokes, Anecdotes

In the course of presenting a workshop Mr. Gold will often include jokes, anecdotes and data apparently tangential to the subject at hand. These asides may be as valuable as the course itself. This collection presents highlights of additional material from the 2005 Movements Workshop. Here you will find a wealth of information and advice on setting up an online Work business as well as much information not given elsewhere. Additionally, these CDs communicate the atmosphere of the workshop space and provide a clear dispatch of current Institute activity.

(4 CDs) $42.95


The Drowning Pool

You can't cheat an honest man; never smarten up a chump; never give a sucker an even break. These are the three laws of marketing from the wiseacre, W.C. Fields. E.J. Gold with a small group acknowledges the truth of these three laws and on the other hand considers how to find the people who really need the School. The real problem is you want to work. So you prepare to work and then you go to work. Listening to this talk one recognizes the depth of this real problem along with awakening the conscience to the question - How can those who have this real problem find the School?

(2 CDs) $22.95