Accessing the Waking State

This tape explores the efficiency and consequences of using different methods to achieve the waking state. Adoration of the machine is stressed and students reconstruct instructions given, but not recorded, concerning the Popcorn exercise and the reversal of headbrain/tailbrain functions.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Revenge of the Dark Nuts

E.J. Gold discusses how to use the video game Zelda for labyrinth training.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Alchemical Oils: an In-Depth Interview

Practical applications of the oils as they relate to work-on-self and learning obligation are discussed. Kelly Rivera has worked with Alchemical Gold oils since 1987 and explains their use as effective tools to translate work theory into work practice.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Don't You Want Samadhi To Love?

Glenn and Lee Perry, of Samadhi Tank Co., have worked with John Lilly and E.J. Gold, who also co-authored their book Tanks for the Memories. On this tape they share their experience with floatation tanks and how to use them.

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Invisible Work

(3 CDs) $32.95


The Tank Talks

In this series of talks Mr. Gold discusses biofeedback in the four major frequency bands (Beta, Alpha, Theta and the four Deltas), the use of the sensory deprivation tank to work with these states and the process of producing the between-lives experience using the tank. A second focus is the use and function of the tank, including a presentation of its use to reflect one's own essential nature and a startling revelation of the method for using that tank as a gateway to another world. Included in this series of talks is the tape "The Brute World on $5 a Day" (is also available individually). In this talk Mr. Gold openly discusses with a small private group the gateways leading from one world to another and the method for surviving sudden transitions between worlds.

(5 CDs) $52.95


How to Get a Work Question Answered - Convention 2003

(3 CDs) $32.95


Starting a Work Business - Convention 2003

(2 CDs) $22.95


E.J. talks on Online Workshops

(2 CDs) $22.95


Spiritual Marketing

(1 CDs) $12.95


Difference Between Work & Preparation for Work / Organizing Your Time

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Alarm Clock Talk

Using the analogy of training for the Bardo through the rigors of playing online video games, E.J. Gold reveals how to learn, in theory, bardo habits required for working as a group in the work. This training provides a foundation. However one needs a mechanism to remind one to engage attention, wake up and apply bardo habits in a practical setting. Gold shows how an alarm clock within one's ordinary life can be devised toward this aim. "I've always liked the idea of an alarm clock for awakening, but until I heard this talk, I never knew exactly how they worked," Pedro Gonzales, Ibiza Spain

(2 CDs) $22.95


Tools of Transformation - An Interview with E.J. Gold

During the December 2002 workshop several students from Spain came armed with questions from fellow group members in Europe to ask Mr. Gold. Producing artwork, working in business, fear of death, and being of service are topics covered in this interview. Mr. Gold explains how these diverse areas can all be used as tools for self transformation. Mr. Gold compares his role as a teacher to that of a coach. In this work the teacher "can not do it for you." Each one is responsible to pull oneself up by one's own boot straps.

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Answer is Only as Good as the Question

This Core Group Workshop was recorded Jan. 18 - 19, 2003. In order to work. . . You've got to really want it. Be willing to pay the price. Then pay the price. Once you've paid it's non-refundable. So you might as well take the ride. "An essence question. . .solves a problem in your Work." "The more immediate and troublesome the problem the more necessity and force you have."

(10 CDs) $89.95


Why Am I Doing This?

During a surprise appearance at the Feb. 2003 workshop E.J. Gold addresses the question "What does art and video gaming have to do with the Work?" Gold explicitly innumerates skills acquired by penetrating these 2 areas and how this process relates to conditions of work. He reveals the traps / illusions one can get lost in while following both of these paths. Furthermore, he explains what real penetration requires and how that relates to the Work.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Levitation, Invisibility & Immortality

This workshop explores basic issues of Being and Nothingness in a powerfully practical and extremely experiential fashion. It accomplishes this by framing it under the subject of invisibility and immediately gives the secret of invisibility as, "The living won't see the dead. Not can't see, but won't." This little nugget of wisdom is from Beetlejuice - a must see classic bardo video. Mr. Gold opens a door to bardo spaces by presenting the conclusion that - you must be dead to be invisible. The key is given as, "In order to be dead you have to be, at least, 'as if' not here at all. It has to be a world without you, a world in which you do not exist. As long as there's a crumb of ego, you can't be invisible. But as soon as you can see a world that you do not exist in, a world in which you are not, that's your crossover point - the world in which you don't exist, that's the first place you'll be existing. Until then, you 'as if' exist." Enigmatic as this may sound, it becomes even more enigmatic upon listening to the entire workshop. However, clues and exercises are given for a lifetime of follow-up work.

(3 CDs) $32.95


The Way of Perfect Service

On his 63rd birthday, E.J. announced that he would give a talk on "The Way of Perfect Service." The dining room overflowed and the standing guests spilled into the hallway trying to get a glimpse of E.J. opening gifts. After previewing E.J.'s first recordings playing his new gemeinhardt flute, a gift he wished to honor, E.J. asked for Jewel, who was in the kitchen preparing to serve the cake, to come and ask her birthday question. She explained that her everyday life was very busy and she wished for something more . . . to put her efforts towards being of meaningful service. Michele's birthday question was essentially the same. Both questions quite naturally made a segue into the talk. E.J. repeatedly emphasized that perfect service is about endless, selfless dedication to doing what needs to be done without regard for the relative importance of the task. . . When asked about what is meaningful he talked about right action, giving stories to elucidate examples of being in the right place at the right time with the right attitude.

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Secrets of Staying with the Pack of Green

It is said, "the secret keeps itself," in which case, it will need to work overtime to stay a secret after one listens to this talk. E.J. Gold, along with Claude Needham, reveal the secret of how to "stay with the pack of green." The simple and direct method given in this talk has immediate practical application in the ongoing Bardo Safaris. Many practical examples are discussed as well as the general theory. With these simple instructions your Bardo Safaris are sure to go up a notch. Bam! And let us not neglect the obvious implications for one's daily bardo work. Whether you run with the pack in Bardo Safaris, or not, this is a must listen if you want to do more than run around in circles for the rest of your life. Many real life applications of these principles. . .

(1 CDs) $12.95


Get the Edge

Legitimate strategies that you can employ to make yourself a winner every time. Team-friendly ploys, gimmicks and gaffs that will make you the best team or solo player that you can be. Many trade secrets given here.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Mercs and Money

The Mercenary is the second most important weapon. Here's how to generate enough money to keep your Merc alive and leveling and which Merc is best for you.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Druid Secrets

Here at last is what every Druid young or old ought to know. Secrets of Druid builds revealed by Gorebag (E.J. Gold) & Xxaxx (Claude Needham). The elemental Druid is E.J.'s specialty and if you are ever rushed by him it will probably be by his elemental Druid. The elemental Druid is second only to the Hammerdin when properly built.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Character Classes

Everything you've ever wanted to know about character classes but were afraid to ask . . . and with good reason.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Magic Find for Fun & Profit Level 1 - Preparing to Begin to Get Ready to Start

Everything you never needed to know about magic find isn't contained in this talk. If you've ever wanted to seriously exercise the discipline, patience, and discernment necessary for serious and effective magic find you might consider psychiatric treatment which you will surely need after listening to this talk. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. But we're sure we'll be satisfied with your money.

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Five Points

(1 CDs) $12.95


The Mystery of Skill Points

When assigning skill points you bet on your life. Make sure you bet on the winning numbers.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Pro Hell Gamer I

If you're in hell and you hope to be a pro gamer you need this CD, and you need it now.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Pro Hell Gamer II

If you think the material in Pro Hell Gamer I was pure dynamite, just wait til you get a hold of this!

(1 CDs) $12.95


How To Accept a Pro Rush

Revealing how to take the posture of a professional bardo runner, this talk also examines the specific elements of a pro rush as well as the attitude needed to be able to accept or give one. Highly recommended for in-depth study.

(1 CDs) $12.95


How Not to Be a Noob Even Though i r one

Nobody likes to be called a noob. Here are the basic things you need to know to look like a pro player even at level one.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Security / Insecurity

Working with the formulation "Security is not the cure for insecurity," Mr. Gold examines issues of fundamental insecurities and presents an amazingly simple method for handling them enmasse. Lee Lozowick and some of his senior students contribute to this poignant discussion along with several members of the Core Group. Insecurity is dispassionately viewed here as a disease or an addiction. Consequently there is valuable information given on overcoming any addiction.

(2 CDs) $22.95


The Work Is Greater Than Yourself

This talk clearly delivers the "bottom line" on the attitude required for working in the Work - one's situation in a Work life. Gold also presents a Bardo Training tool which gives us the opportunity to transmute the "life" habits into "work" habits, habits that before now were completely invisible. In the Bardo Training we see how we live our lives, how we handle the sudden ambushes of the Labyrinth, and how we are able to work in a group. Bardo Training also provides, in a fun and safe way, the opportunity to bring ourselves in line with the Work self we wish to build.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Movements Workshop 2005 - Excerpts, Jokes, Anecdotes

In the course of presenting a workshop Mr. Gold will often include jokes, anecdotes and data apparently tangential to the subject at hand. These asides may be as valuable as the course itself. This collection presents highlights of additional material from the 2005 Movements Workshop. Here you will find a wealth of information and advice on setting up an online Work business as well as much information not given elsewhere. Additionally, these CDs communicate the atmosphere of the workshop space and provide a clear dispatch of current Institute activity.

(4 CDs) $42.95


Using the Book Bardo Stations

E.J. Gold discusses with Claude Needham and the core group how to use the book Bardo Stations - a blueprint or map of the Bardos. Specific viewpoints are offered to hold and examine as one reads the book and notates impressions on the "Notes" pages. The reader can start connecting up to the between-lives state and start breaking down the barrier put in place by organic life. Everything in life wants you to be responding to that which is of the body - basically survive, transform food to pooh. If you assign too much significance to this you will lose the ability to find the more important things. The Bardos are like many dimensions, alternative realities, that you thread your way through. Comparisons are drawn between the Bardos and situations arising in Bardo Safaris with suggestions on how to learn from these experiences.

(1 CDs) $12.95


What You Need to Know for Bardo Safari - Convention 2005

During the convention in 2005 E.J. Gold guided Cynthia through elementary Bardo Training. Through this interactive demonstration what you need to know for Bardo Safaris is identified. Gold reveals the secret of exactly why Bardo Training is a practical tool.

(2 CDs) $22.95


Convention 2005 Highlights

(4 CDs) $42.95


Vajra Lightning Meditation

E.J. Gold gives the basics on the Vajra Lightning Meditation. No one can initiate you. You must initiate yourself. The Vajra Lightning Meditation is a flash / burn method of burning off Karma. All initiation comes as a result of Work you have done on yourself. It always comes from your own efforts. The Vajra Lightning Meditation is a lightening. It is also a degree of enlightenment. The easiest enlightenment to achieve. You come to a school with a history - your trophies. Gold reveals a technique to use for letting go, lightening your load. Recommended listening prior to taking The Vajra Meditation Workshop.

(1 CDs) $12.95


Vajra Lightning Meditation Workshop

Vajra Lightning Meditation is a flash / burn method of burning off Karma, an initiation that comes as a result of work you have done on yourself, always from your own efforts.

(3 CDs) $32.95